The Calming Effect of Books

paper-tea-cupHaving trouble sleeping or relaxing? One thing I’ve found that works wonders for me is reading a good book. Just take the novel that you’re reading at the moment and get stuck in – I’ve always found that books have a truly relaxing quality that not many other things have. From my young years when I was opening random pages of Dune to have  a look, to my later years of reading Neuromancer just to get a sense of sameness and ubiquity that would really put me to sleep, I’ve found books to be an invaluable sleeping aid.

There’s even something tactile about them that’s reassuring, friendly and soporific – turning pages, feeling the feel of paper on your hands. Even if I’m going through a second-hand book, it’s easy for me to fall asleep right away when I have good book in my hands. I would really advise you to do the same – grab yourself an excellent book, have a look and have a turn of the pages, really looking at what’s going to help you go to sleep. It’s easy to find a book that’s not even one you would usually read – in fact, they can work just as well. The great idea here is that you’re getting something that would normally b ore you and using it to your advantage – the boredom can really work to your favour, as you’ll be so bored by the book that it’ll put you right to sleep.

The only way this can backfire is if your boredom makes you angry and you get all vexed about how much you dislike it, and then you should really get going on something you like more. A reassuring thing to do is read the book you’ve re-read the most – if indeed that’s what you do – because then you get lulled into sleep by repetition and familiarity, which is what most people love in books.

There’s really something to be said for repetition in literature and its soothing effect on the mind – take a look for yourself, find a copy of something that’s nostalgic and reminds you of days gone by and then just read it! You’ll absolutely love how sleepy and tired it makes you, and it’s a great way to get a good nights’ rest. Take a look for yourself right away – you’ll have an excellent time. It’s easy to do.