Self-Publishing in the World of E-books

PublishingindustriespicAs e-readers and digitally-based writing has become more and more prevalent, so too has the idea that large-scale publishing houses aren’t needed in order for writers to put out their writing. When more and more people have internet connections – or access to internet connections – then it’s truly the case that the availability of books has become more of an issue to do with whether you have access to the internet, rather than heading out to the book store, book fair or second-hand store in order to find yourself some texts. It follows that writers may not need a publishing house to put out their books, as the physical medium of books is slowly becoming something of the past – and it follows that writers may want to put their own books out, seeing as ‘publishing’ via e-book does not actually require any manufacturing costs or a printing press.

When readers simply need to transfer an e-book to their computer or reading device, all writers need to do is figure out some medium to large-scale distribution method – and this is becoming easier and easier. Many online e-book distribution tools are available for personal or business use by a writer – they don’t even need to rely on others to get their e-book out there, all they need is a little web savvy and some software or applications that will help them meet customer demand for their book. There are plenty of sites that are also more than willing to help people put their books out, and will only take a small fee out of their earnings.

Financially, it can be a much better decision to use self-publishing services when writers put out e-books. Self-publishing means that there is either no middleman or a small cut put out to whoever is helping someone distribute their book – and this doesn’t have to be huge, as more and more writers are choosing this method of distribution and the pool of authors that companies can draw funds from is growing ever-bigger.

It’s simpler for readers to get books, as well – they can simply go right to the authors’ sites and grab the book from there. It’s never been easier for writers to get their books out, as well as consumers to give their favourite writers money for their works. It’s an exciting and new time for publishing. Take a look at your options.