E-Readers vs Old Fashion Books

With a recently uptake in e-readers by consumers, there has been a debate of sorts as to which is the best mode to casually enjoy a novel. There are the old traditionalists who state that nothing compares to being able to turn a page and physically hold the weight in your hands, while heralds of the new era point to the superiority of being able to store thousands of book in a single tablet. Which is better though? Here we shall discuss some of the major advantages and disadvantages of the two different formats.

Old School Books

Like vinyl records, traditional hard bound books are objects that people emotionally invest in. There are so many people who cling to their old record collection and thoroughly enjoy the richness of sound that this otherwise obsolete format offers. In fact even today with a huge plethora of digital music outlets, there are still a large amount of vinyl sold each year to collectors and enthusiasts. It is the same with paper books. Many people have amassed large libraries over their lifetimes and simply cannot fathom replacing these treasured items with an impersonal screen. One major advantage that books have over e-readers is their ability to be read outside in direct sunlight. The reflective screens of e-readers make this delight practically impossible, which is something many avid readers simply cannot stand for.

One of the best things about owning a book is being able to share it with others. Excitedly telling your friends about a great read and then being able to connect over a shared story is a great pleasure that bring many people together. With e-readers however this can feel a bit impersonal. You can’t really ‘share’ you e-reader file with someone, they have to go download it themselves, which isn’t as immediate and direct as a friend simply giving you their worn copy. However there are some major advantages that e-readers have over paperbacks that have tilted the equation in their favour for some readers.

E-readers, the new way to read

The most significant advantage e-readers have over paperbacks is their ability to store literally thousands of different books all in one place. Also the hard task of locating certain books is done away with. No longer will you have to wait for weeks for your local bookshop to get in that copy of your favourite novel, you can simply logon to your e-bookstore and download it.

While some people have jumped head first into the digital era, there is defiantly still a large group of people who will never give up their great paper and hardbacks.