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Reading to Your Kids is Important!


It‘s an age old tradition that has been connection parents and grandparents to the new generation though the ages – however in today’s busy times it can sometimes be a struggle to remember why reading to your kids is so important. We’ve put together a list of some of the main reasons reading aloud to your kids in their formative years is so important.

Academic Performance

When you read aloud to your kids they are introduces to new words and ideas that they wouldn’t normally encounter in everyday conversation. The rich world of descriptive language is an important one to be introduced to at a young age as it helps to increase both understanding and comprehension. A huge number of studies have shown that children who are exposed to reading at a young age will perform better at all faucets of formal education. So make your kids smarter, just by reading to them!

Improved Speech Skills

Lets face it, people who don’t have an extensive grasp of vocabulary and deploy the same repetitious words continuously can be a bit dull to have a conversation with. When you read to your children they are exposed to new words and ideas that will help them grow into interesting and engaging conversationalists. This will help them grow into a more popular and confident adult.

Build a Stronger Relationship

As discussed above, the act of sitting down with a child and reading to them is an intimate act that build’s a stronger bond of kinship. It is in these quite moments where you both become immersed in the world of fiction that a deeper level of connection can be established. Later when they are fully grown, these moments will become beautiful shared memories.

A Better Grasp of the Abstract

How do you describe what love is? How do you inform a child about cause and effect? The only way is to describe these important life lessons though fictional accounts that works to inform them via a show rather than tell methodology. As they grow and begin to understand these abstract concepts, they can begin to apply them to the real world as opposed to them simply existing in the stories.

These are just a selection of some of the significant benefits reading to your child can have on their development. Couple this with the joy of being able to see them engage with a story, and you really don’t have any excuse for not taking delight in the activity.