‘Guilty Pleasures’ in Reading

The idea of a guilty pleasure is one that I think should really be removed from the cultural canon. It says something about the Western world that we can’t simply just enjoy media like books, music, movies , films graphic novels, and all kinds of consumable items without feeling some guilt if we feel like something is ‘beneath us’. What a crock! We shouldn’t be hidden beneath all these layers of irony and ‘aloneness’ so that we strangle the very thing that makes us human – our capability to empathise with other people, enjoy their stories, regardless of their leaning or how we feel about ourselves.

The idea of cultural snobbishness here really speaks volumes about sexism, racism, and classicism in the modern world. Not to get on a pulpit about this, but what’s wrong with reading absolutely anything you like? I remember when the Harry Potter books came out and there were separate printed editions with more ‘adult’ covers, as if this someone make it more acceptable to read Harry Potter as an adult, rather than reading the same book with a cover more targeted towards the target audience. It didn’t even matter anyway – young and old alike read those books, many without any guilt at all. And good for them, I say. No matter what you’re feeling about the books, you can admit that ere shouldn’t be some sort of dividing line between low and high culture, between texts for adults and for young people. Read what you want, and what makes you feel happy – really, this is what it’s all about. The idea of escapism through published works isn’t something evil, and time should be given to every viewpoint when it comes to this. The people who want to escape form their daily troubles and the daily grind should be given their time, and likewise those people who want to feel righteous and like they’re reading something that’s educating and shaking them to their core should read those too. And there should be real interplay between the two crowds! Honestly, if you want to read something, do it.

Nobody is stopping you, except people who have too much time on their hands to dole pout criticism on what you should or shouldn’t be reading. It doesn’t harm anyone else to read what you want and isn’t dumbing down the world as so many would like to attest. Go right ahead.