Get creative – things you can make using old books

Do you love the books more than you can say? If you too love the feeling that comes with purchasing a new edition, the smell of the pages and being transported to another world, chances are you are going to have one extensive collection. While we all have our favourites that we can read over and over, there are often old books that we no longer need. Instead of throwing them away to be forgotten, why not give them new life with some simple DIY projects? Here are some great creations you can do yourself with old books.


Turning books into a way of storing items is really easy and can look great in your home. Use them on their own to create bookshelves in the living area, you can display little ornaments or even other books on them for a funky look. Have a lot of loose items you don’t want to lose? Turn a book into a storage box by cutting a section in its pages. If you need more room your can remove spines from books and stick them on a wooden box to be placed on shelves.

Home decorations

Repurposing old books is really only limited by your imagination. Decorating your home with whole books or some of its pages is great fun and can be something you share with the kids too. Slightly change your book box to hold flowers or plants. Create the ideal reading room with artwork created by book pages. If you have enough books to spare, you can even create larger project such as a bedhead, table or lamp.

Instead of decorating your home why not add to your own accessories? I have seen gorgeous necklaces and bracelets made from twisted and rolled book pages that have been coloured. If you have the patience for it, this is a great gift idea for friends.

Small projects

For smaller projects, glue pages to glass jars to create candle holders or on frames for photographs. By using the spine of a book and some string or ribbon, you can create bookmarks to help you enjoy your current book collection. If you are good at origami you can create a book mark that sits on the corner of the page.

With so many things to create, you’ll be rushing to find old books to experiment with!