Generation Z: The Bookless Generation


Generation Z (those born post-2005) are going to read fewer books than any generation before them. Generation Y were probably bad enough – but at least we read some.

In the modern era, reading books is no longer a common pastime. Older folk still love a good book to pass the time, but the new generation have other forms of entertainment

So what will be the consequences of a virtually bookless generation? We can only guess, but some side effects might be:on tap: computers, iPads, the internet, their phones, televisions…the list goes on. With this being the case, they are unlikely to read all that many books (and ones that they do read are likely to be on their eReader). Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule – but there probably won’t be all that many exceptions. While kids will be ‘forced’ to read some books at school, they are quite likely to grab the movie version to catch up on the plot, or simply Google synopsis of the story. Many won’t actually read the book.

Poor spelling and grammar: We learn to spell and write property by reading – at least partially. If kids are no longer reading regularly, they are not gaining that exposure to proper grammar and ‘good’ writing. Instead, they are submerging themselves in text talk, internet articles (where mistakes are a-plenty) and other forms of writing. What this means is that they will pick up habits from these places, rather than from well-written books. This is always going to end badly.

This doesn’t just mean they can’t write a book themselves. It means they will struggle with basic things in life, such as writing a resume and cover letter, or sending client emails at work. Writing well is an important life skill.

Inability to read complex things: When your entire library consists of internet bullshit and texts, you become used to reading very simply-worded content. This means that those big words are sure to go over your head, reducing and simplifying your vocabulary. When it comes to things like job interviews, you want to sound like you are relatively intelligent – not some simpleton.

So, if you are the parents of Generation Z, give them a book. Encourage them to read some proper literature and get off the computer. Their writing, reading and overall language will benefit – and they will thank you for it in the long run.