Features To Look For In Spreadsheet Management Software

There are some programs that are essential to doing business. One of these is the spreadsheet builder. Whether you use Excel or some other program you need to know how to get the most out of the software you’re using. While it’s important to learn what tools are built into the software and how you can use them you should also consider what third-party options there are that will help you get exactly what you’re looking for. In this case you should choose the right estimating software builders, and with different options to choose from you need to know what features you need to get the most from these essential documents.

An error Finder. Mistakes may happen that doesn’t mean that you have to leave them as they are. When an error sneaks in it can cause serious damage if you end up making decisions based on it or any results that might have been reached by using faulty data. While software may not be able to find more subtle errors it can help you find cells that violate your set formula, displaying it clearly so you know what to fix. This might seem narrow but formulas are incredibly important if you’re working with figures. 

A way to audit spreadsheets. If you don’t know what the term means in this case auditing refers to searching your spreadsheet for signs of risk. While you can do these sort of things by hand it’s much quicker using software with a spreadsheet auditor. Software may lack the critical thinking skills humans have but if you put the right task in front of a computer they will do a much more thorough job. Another helpful feature that is sometimes offered along with auditing is re-formating tools that will help you convert your messy sheets into something more structured and secure programs.

Cloud compatibility. Today more and more companies are moving their information to the cloud to try and create greater levels of connectivity. This way you can easily share one communal file throughout your company. While this option isn’t for everyone you might want to consider it, or at least look for software that is compatible with cloud computing in case you make the change later on.

A way to keep track of your sheets. If you only have one or two spreadsheets this task is fairly simple but as your needs continue to grow you’ll find that it’s best to create a variety of spreadsheets for different projects, periods of time, etc. If you’re not careful things can get out of hand quickly, leaving you with overlapping sheets, holes in your data and painful losses. With the right management software you can keep track of your most important sheets so you can find and modify them easily.

Thanks to the wonders of modern computing spreadsheets can be incredibly simple, highly complex or they can be a simple representation of complex data. With all the options available to you it’s helpful to find software that will free you up to make the most out of every spreadsheet without fear that it will be lost or damaged at any point in the process.