eBooks versus paper books

Do you love reading? Well so do I. There is nothing more exciting than opening up a new book, smelling the pages and losing oneself in the new adventures awaiting me. A few days ago I was presented with a dilemma though, I was gifted an eBook reader and am not sure what to make of it.

Just a few seconds after unwrapping the device a range of contradicting feelings started stirring inside me. Thoughts such as, how can I read a book without having to turn its pages, are eBook readers bad for my eyes, which is cheaper, the paper book or the eBook; popped up, so I decided to investigate the matter further.

So far my research has included browsing for information and others opinions online and actually trying out my eBook. I decided to gather all my findings in a pro and con list to see who winning the race, the electronic or the paper version.



No trees need to be cut down for me to be able to indulge in my excessive reading habits.

I can carry an entire library worth on my eBook reader, it takes everything from workbooks, novels, cookbooks, self-help books and many more – one of my personal favourite features of the eBook.

I can change the font size easily to suit my eye sight.

There is no more frantic searching for quotes and passages I liked in books, now I can easily mark them easily and go back to access them any time I want.

eBooks can be quickly downloaded and cost a lot less than classic paper books.


They are battery operated and nothing is more annoying than finding yourself on a train, keen to pull out your book and read it, just to find it has run out of charge.

eBooks are not free of bugs and can freeze up just like your computer or laptop do.

Spilling your coffee on your eBook can break the entire thing and all your books, notes and saved passages might be lost forever

Paper Books


Books don’t need power to work, you just open them and start reading.

Packaging and covers can make paper books into works of art.

Second hand books have a mystical aura and remind us of how one single book can enrich the lives of so many people.


Bookstores all over the country are closing down and paper books are becoming more and more expensive.

They can be heavy if you need to transport a lot of them, at Uni or for school for example.

Storing them can take up a lot of space.

They are flammable and can be destroyed in large numbers at once, just think of the famous burning of the library of Alexandria.

Paper cuts, we all know this terrible pain

I guess my little list speaks for itself and I have to say, I never thought of myself as an eBook enthusiast, but it turns out I can be. I haven’t stopped buying paper books, but the truth is, I have grown to love my eBook! You can too, just give it a try.