Different Types Of Felt Head Gear

Felt hats have been a fashion accessory and a functional head covering for many years. Its versatile style and design has been used by both men and women in various ways giving it its popularity. A premium quality product if well taken care of will last a long time. Let’s look at some popular versions of this head gear. Go here https://www.blowesclothing.com.au/  for more information about rm williams boots. 

The popular gangster hat: also known as a fedora, this versatile head gear was initially only worn by men, but since of late it has been adapted to suite women as well. The brim of the hat is very soft and stays low down while the crown has indents on both sides and sometimes the front. In the older days they came in unique colours such as purple and green though it has becomes toned down a bit since of late and are becoming popular in neutral colours such as brown and tan. They are also lined sometimes with a ribbon or a cloth and can even have decorative features such as feathers.

  • Cowboy: this is the most widely recognised head covering especially seen in old movies and western shows. This too has a wide brim and a high crown and is now made popular under various brands such as the Akubra hat. They were popularized initially by cowboys and people who worked in ranches in hot sunny weather. It is said that the head covering was specially made to protect them from the harsh elements of the countryside, however today they have become a very versatile fashion icon with many people styling them for work and play.
    • Hat with no brim: this is known as a comfortable head covering with a flat crown. A beret is said to have its roots in France though manufactured widely world over now. They are also used by military personnel and others that wear uniforms. Dues to its size and texture, it can easily fit in a bag or even a pocket making them very useful. In terms of style they are worn slightly to an angle. They are popularly made of felt, wool and even synthetic fibre.
      • Bowler: this head covering is a rounded hat worn by men. It was popularised and created in London by William Bowler. Also known as a derby, the most popular colours they are made in are black or brown. It is also considered a very sturdy and durable head covering and can be worn while horseback riding, matching it with a drizabone vest.
        • Cloche: this is a version worn only by women and it is famous for its tight fit on the head and the bell shape. They are ideal for keeping the head warm and are highly fashionable. Usually they are stylised with embellishments, flowers or even feathers.
          These are some of the most popular varieties available. Though most people used to wear them out of necessity, nowadays they have become fashion items stylised in various ways.