How To Pack Fragile Items

Moving to a new home can be an overwhelming experience where you would need to make sure that nothing gets broken while moving house. Of course, some items that are much more fragile will need to be packed or dismantled carefully so that nothing gets damaged. By being careful, you can avoid potential mishaps that can take place while moving – but always get professional help if necessary too.

Use The Right Packing Material

It’s just as important to get the right packing materials such as bubble wrap, tape or newspaper to name a few. Styrofoam peanuts are especially great at cushioning items in boxes too – and polystyrene beads can be placed in boxes to prevent items from getting knocked around. Old newspapers are quite versatile and environmentally friendly options to consider, however, for more expensive and delicate items bubble wrap would be a better choice.

Let Professionals Handle It

If you own antiques, framed paintings, crystal items or special dishes – keep in mind that these things will need to be packed very well and you alone are aware of their value. This is another reason why hiring professional furniture movers would be better. While you can do a certain amount of packing by yourself, professionals are aware of the correct methods to carry things and they usually have the right equipment too. 

Be Well Prepared

It’s important to maintain lists, stay organised and label everything that has been packed – doing these things will make things a bit easier when you have unpack later on. Make sure that you have the right tools, stationary and other equipment before you start packing – you can avoid several trips to the store this way. Additionally, by hiring furniture removals Altona services from a company, the risk of damage will be lower than packing things on you own or with friends. Don’t forget to label boxes or cases with a ‘fragile’ sticker or one that indicates the correct upright position.

Learn More About Packing Items Properly

Before a big move, find out the correct way to pack certain items such as plates, antiques, crystal ware or any other fragile items you have in your home. There are some great online resources that you can refer to, or even get help from a friend who has moved around a lot. Try to keep fragile items separate from the others and try to pack them all together. When loading these items onto the transport vehicle, keep them away from heavier or bulky furniture and in a less hazardous spot.

Try And Make Your Customers Happy

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You will gain a good reputation

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Treat your customers with respect

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