Agatha Christie’s The Murder at the Vicarage

The_Murder_at_the_VicarageDo you love a good crime mystery as much as I do? If so you should consider allowing the lovely Miss Marple to enter your world. Agatha Christie’s The Murder at the Vicarage is when Miss Jane Marple appears for the first time in a full novel.

Agatha Christie is known worldwide as the ‘Queen of Crime” and is the world’s best-selling mystery writer. Her work is so popular that it ranks third in the world’s most widely published books, just behind Shakespeare and the Bible. Christie was born on the 15 of September 1890 in Devon England as Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller. She died in January 1976 in Oxfordshire England. Married twice she kept her first husband’s last name and was made a Dame in 1971 by Queen Elizabeth II.

The Murder at the Vicarage takes us to the pretty little town St Mary Mead. One of the most hated personas in this quiet town is the Colonel Protheroe, even the vicar admits that killing would be doing the world a favour. It is only but a day later that the Colonel is found in dead in the vicarage, right inside the vicar’s study. And one of the mst unlikely people, the cute old lady called Miss Jane Marple is the one to solve the mystery as to who committed the murder. Jane Marple, despite her naïve appearance always expects the worst in everyone and it turns out she is quite right. Her blue eyes bear testimony to her intelligence and she isn’t as innocent as she seems. When faced with a murder mystery, such as the sudden death of Colonel Protheroe, it is she who unveils the cause of his passing.

Miss Marple draws upon her intimate and extensive knowledge of village life and great knowledge of characters when investigating this mysterious case. When the young painter Lawrence Redding hands himself over to the police, everyone is fooled thinking he must be guilty, if he willingly confesses to having committed the crime. Only dear old Miss Marple knows better than that and treats the news of his confession with caution, knowing something isn’t quite right. After investigating all her clues and carefully rethinking the past events she is able to solve the crime, while the police is still tapping in the dark.

If you like to try yourself at solving the case of the murdered Colonel, pick up a copy of The Murder at the Vicarage and let’s see if you can guess who done it.