7 Recycled Bookshelves

Want a custom made book shelf or cabinet that’s unique and perfect for your books, but don’t want to shell out the cash? Looking for an alternative shaped book shelf? Just want a cheap bookshelf that wasn’t mass produced along with thousands of others just like it? Why not make your own bookshelf out of recycled materials?! Here are some fun ideas for repurposes items which make great book shelves.
1. Pallets
The structure of wooden pallets makes them ideal for turning into bookshelves. Make sure you choose one that’s made of relatively smooth timber, and if it’s not stable when turned on its side, cut it to size or use extra timber to balance it out.
2. Old televisions
A poetic take on the struggle between books and modern media, old CRT televisions with the screen removed can make a great place to store your favourite reads. Just make sure there are no sharp edges left over.
3. Cable reel
A timber cable reel is a large spool on which industrial cabling was once reeled. Empty reels, painted, finished and turned on their side, look great as compact bookshelves. Stack more than one (of the same size or descending size) together, if available, for a unique look. Alternatively, you can add castors to the bottom.
4. Ladder
Old timber ladders can be a great structure on which to place books. Either simply set up an A-frame ladder and use it like shelf for your books, or mount a section of ladder sideways on the wall using shelving supports.
5. Scrap wood
Got a lot of scrap wood that you don’t know how to use? Even mismatched wood can be turned into a great book shelf! Prepare, sand, paint and finish each piece to a uniform colour and texture before affixing to the wall using shelving supports (make sure they’re rated for the right weight of the number of books that will sit on them. Feeling creative? Why not make a diagonal ‘book tree’ with a central timber stem?
6. Other books
Got a lot of ‘junk’ books you never read, but can’t bear to throw away or chuck in the recycle? Why not turn them into a shelf for other books?! An invisible bookshelf, where the books themselves are attached to the wall, was once just a form of wall art. However, some people are now using invisible bookshelves as a place to store other books! Using common tools, glue, wood screws, L brackets and of course old books, you can make a floating book shelf out of other books!
7. Old refrigerators
Refrigerators which are beyond repair are a great place to store books, especially if they’re retro fridges which still look great on the outside! Fridges with doors can be used to protect books which are sensitive to light, humidity and other environmental factors. Even fridges without doors but with the original shelves can house lots of books. You can even paint the fridge with blackboard paint and chalk the names of the books on the side, so you know what’s in there!
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